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Total Knee Replacement Implant Rates
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Sl. No.ManufacturerImplant ParticularsCost to Patient (Exclusive of CST) INR
1.Depuy SynthesAPEC Sigma Femoral Component C/R/PS26,499/-
BSigma Modified Tibial Tray Titanium Cemented26,708/-
CSigma Curved / Stabilized GVF Insert10,505/-
DSigma Modified Tibial Tray Cemented Cobalt Chromium18,689/-
2.Zimmer BiometAFemur Hiflex28,446/-
BTibial Insert Cobalt Chromium18,689/-
CBearing Articulating Surface or insert10,505/-
3.StrykerAClassic / Regular Femoral Component Cobalt Chromium26,499/-
BTibial Insert Cobalt Chromium18,689/-
CArticulating Surface / Insert10,505/-
DHiflex Femoral Component28,446/-

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