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Spine Surgery
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The centre for spinal surgery at Medical Trust Hospital, Kochi was established to provide therapies and treatments for patients with spinal deformities and injuries. Our spine centre incorporates expert spinal surgeons, specialists and utilizes the latest medical equipment for diagnostics and treatment. We make use of modern implants such as pedical screw system, spinal fixation systems, inter-body cages, spacers, plate, screws etc.  Our spine centre also performs all Neurospinal procedures and treatments.

  • Neurospinal Surgery
      • Spine Trauma Management
      • Spine Tumour Surgery
      • Spine degenerative conditions Management
        • Transthoracic approach for thoracic disc
        • Micro lumbar discectomy, artificial disc implants, PLIF
        • Spondylolisthesis correction
      • Craniovertebral junction surgeries (Transoral odontoid screw fixation, occipito cervical fusion)
      • Congenital spinal disorders – Surgical correction
      • Anterior cervical disc surgery with cage or artificial disc placement
      • Neuronavigation System for image guided Spinal Surgery
  • Spinal Injury Care
      • All types of spinal stabilization procedures anywhere in the spinal column using the following type of implants.
      • Pedicle screw system
      • Artificial disc implants
      • Spinal fixation systems
      • Cages, spacers, plate & screws
      • Ravi Rectangle
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Dr. Krishnakumar R

Consultant - Spine Surgery

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Chris Anderson

I'm Chris Anderson from London, UK. I recently had a spine surgery performed by Dr. Krishnakumar at Medical Trust Hospital in Cochin, Kerala. Previously I had lower back pain, severe pain in my right leg, numbness in my leg, foot, toes and 'loss of power' in my foot. Normal life was absolutely impossible. I was diagnosed with a prolapsed disc which was pushing onto my sciatic nerve. I was told that in the UK I would have to wait at least 40 weeks for a surgery. After extensive research I contacted Dr. Krishnakumar. I consulted with him on a Thursday. He confirmed the diagnosis and recommended a micro-discectomy. I elected to go into hospital the following Tuesday, had the operation on Wednesday morning, was immediately mobile after the procedure, and discharged on Thursday morning. Within a week I was active, back to my work and driving. In my opinion Dr. Krishnakumar, his surgical team, the operating theatre and care was the equal of anywhere in the world. The nurses were very professional, caring and attentive. All spoke very good English. I chose a private a/c room with en-suite bathroom. My food was prepared as per my requirement. The cost was around 65% less than I would have paid privately in the UK. A huge saving for me in both time and money! Without doubt it is the best money I have ever spent. My advice to anyone is not to live with pain and discomfort, contact Dr. Krishnakumar and get back to normal living at the earliest. If you have any doubts or worries about the care or standards, I would be delighted to discuss with you by phone, email or video call, Dr. Krishnakumar has all my details.


Gwyneth Arnold

United Kingdom

My expression of happiness following your care on the occasion of my spine surgery. My stay at medical trust hospital was totally positive in every possible way. I literally experienced the quotation of Hippocrates that “whenever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity’. I felt that love in every member of your team and staff. Henceforward, I am determined to strive towards greater care, compassion and commitment in my own life.  

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