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Facilities & Services
Clinical Labs

Medical Trust Hospital has one of the best clinical laboratories in the State, equipped with the latest facilities and   experienced pathologists.

The Hospital has specialised units for:


  • Fully Automated Biochemistry Lab with Dade Dimension RXL , RXL MAX & Ion Selective Electrolyte Analysers for Estimation of Sodium, Potassium, Lithium & Calcium
  • Blood Gas Analyser
  • Hormone / Virology / Tumour Marker Analyser
  • Round-the-Clock Services

Histopathology and Cytology

* Routine surgical pathology unit                                                                             

Handles around 3000 specimens/year catering to all clinical specialties in the hospital.
Frozen section facilities for intra operative diagnosis.

* Specialised renal pathology unit offering full renal diagnostic service- both native and transplant kidney biopsies

* Immunohistochemistry lab for determination of tumour markers.

* Diagnostic cytology service- both gynaec and non- gynaec cytologies.


  • Automated 5-part Differential Haematology Analyzer
  • Automated 3-part Differential Haematology Analyser
  • Facilities for peripheral smear & Bone marrow examination with the aid of special stains.


  • All types of Culture Studies of Blood and Other Body Fluids
  • Serological Examination
  • Full Range of ELISA Tests using Automated ELISA Analyser
    • BACT ALERT blood and strile fluid culture system
    • Siemens Dade Walkaway fully automated identification and sensitivity analyser

Clinical Pathology

For analysis of urine, stool, semen and miscellaneous body fluids.



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