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Stent Rates
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Our prices of Coronary Stents to Patients are as follows (As on 01.04.2018)

Sl. No.Name of the StentType of the StentCost to Patient (in Indian Rupees)
1.Xience XpeditionDrug ElutedAbbot Healthcare Pvt. Ltd28,849*
2.UltimasterDrug ElutedTerumo India Pvt. Ltd.28,849*
3.GenxsyncDrug ElutedMIV Therapeutics India Pvt. Ltd28,849*
4.EvermineDrug ElutedMeril Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.28,849*
5.Pronova XRDrug ElutedVascular Concepts Lt.28,849*


*The price is as per the Ceiling price prescribed by NPPA and is exclusive of goods and services tax.

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