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Stent Rates
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Our prices of Coronary Stents to Patients are as follows (As on 01.04.2021 )

Sl. No.Name of the StentType of the StentCost to Patient (in Indian Rupees)
1.Xience XpeditionDrug ElutedAbbot Healthcare Pvt. Ltd30,811*
2.GenxsyncDrug ElutedMIV Therapeutics India Pvt. Ltd30,811*
3.EvermineDrug ElutedMeril Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.30,811*
4.Pronova XRDrug ElutedVascular Concepts Lt.30,811*
5.Resolute OnyxDrug ElutedMedtronic30,811*


*The price is as per the Ceiling price prescribed by NPPA and is exclusive of goods and services tax.

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