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Dr. Krishnakumar R

Consultant - Spine Surgery

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Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday

Dr. Krishnakumar is a highly skilled Spine and Scoliosis Surgeon who has immense experience in the field. He had completed his MBBS from University of Kerala and pursued D Ortho and DNB Ortho from Government Medical College, Trivandrum. He had undergone various International Spine fellowship programs in prestigious Institutes such as Singapore General Hospital, Scoliosis Research Society fellowship at Istanbul Spine Centre, Florence Nightingale Hospital ,Turkey and Washington University , USA. Dr. Krishnakumar practices extensively in the areas of deformity correction such as scoliosis surgery, spinal tumor surgery, degenerative spine surgery and minimally invasive spine surgery for disc prolapse , spine fracture and spinal fusion


  • MBBS- University of Kerala (2002)
  • D Ortho- Government Medical College, Trivandrum (2006)
  • DNB Ortho- Government Medical College, Trivandrum (2008)


  • Chief Orthopaedics Spine Surgeon & Senior Consultant- VPS Lakeshore Hospital and Research Centre
  • Chief Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon& Clinical Associate Professor, Orthopaedic Spine Fellowship Programme Coordinator- Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre
  • Physician member of PhD Panel- Amrita University
  • AOSpine - Asia Pacific - Faculty and Course Chairperson
  • AOSpine Indian Subcontinent - Deligate member representing South India


  • Described a new clinical sign "Sternum into Abdomen Deformity” in Osteoporotic Spine Fractures along with Dr. Lawrence . G Lenke published in spine journal 2015
  • ISSLS International Fellowship 2013 at the ISSLS Annual conference, Phoenix, AZ, USA
  • Eurospine Travelling Spine Fellow 2013 at Annual Eurospine, Liverpool, UK
  • Scoliosis Research Society (SRS) Robert -Winter Spine Fellowship 2013 (Inaugural recipients)
  • Scoliosis Research Society, Milwauke, USA - (SRS) Global Outreach Visiting Fellowship- 2012, Washington University , USA
  • Scoliosis Research Society,Milwauke, USA - (SRS) fellowship at Istanbul Spine Centre, Florence Nightingale Hospital , Istanbul,Turkey
  • Best paper award - Gout and its manifestations in Spine at Cochin Clinical Society Meeting organized by Indian Medical Association & Cochin clinical society at Cochin, Sept 2011
  • Best poster Award -Naked Facet Sign in spine fractures-OASISCON 2014
  • Best Poster Award-Denosumab in GCT-OASISCON 2015
  • Best Poster Award- Osteochondroma of Spine -KOACON 2015 &2019


  • Naveenkumar L, Krishnakumar R. Study on Single Leg Stance Test as an Outpatient Assessment Tool in Spine Examination. J Spinal Surg 2019; 6 (1):11-15.
  • Naveenkumar L, Krishnakumar R. A Case Report of Spondylodiscitis Masquerading as Malignancy. J Spinal Surg 2019;6(1):22-25.
  • Sajeev S, Krishnakumar R. An unusual cause of combined cauda equina and conus medullaris syndrome. Neurol India 2018;66:886-8
  • Krishnakumar R, Srivatsa N. Multimodal intraoperative neuromonitoring in scoliosis surgery: A two-year prospective analysis in a single centre. Neurol India 2017;65:75-9
  • Menon PD, Krishnakumar R, Jojo A. Radiological and Histopathological Outcome of GCT of Femur with Denosumab Treatment.Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. 2016 Dec, Vol-10(12): RD01-RD03
  • Anusha Gopinathan, Anil Kumar, Srivatsa Nagaraja Rao, Krishna Kumar, Shamsul Karim. Candidal Vertebral Osteomyelitis in the Midst of Renal Disorders Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. 2016;10(4):3-5
  • Krishnakumar R et al. Microdiscectomy for the Treatment of Recurrent Lumbar Intervertebral Disc Prolapse. Kerala Journal of Orthopaedics 2016;28(1–2):34–36
  • Melvin J George, R Krishnakumar and J Renjith Kumar. 6 Years Follow Up of Chondrosarcoma Left Proximal Femur Treated With Resection and Reconstruction With Custom Prosthesis, Autologous Bone Grafting and HAP Cylinders. Kerala Journal of Orthopaedics 2016;28(1–2):72–77
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  • Kuzhimattam MJ, Krishnakumar R.Naked facet sign in a case of traumatic injury to the thoracic vertebra. Spine J. 2015 Sep 17. pii: S1529-9430(15)01399-6
  • Krishnakumar R, Lenke LG. "Sternum-Into-Abdomen" Deformity With Abdominal Compression Following Osteoporotic Vertebral Compression Fractures Managed By 2-Level Vertebral Column Resection and Reconstruction. Spine (Phila Pa 1976). 2015 Sep 15;40(18):E1035-9
  • P Devkota, R Krishnakumar and J Renjith Kumar: SAnswer to the Topic “Management of Pyogenic Discitis” Asian Spine Journal 2014 Jun;8(3):392
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  • Krishnakumar R. The efficacy of transforaminal epidural steroid injections in lumbosacral radiculopathy: A commentary.Neurol India 2011;59:948
  • Krishnakumar R, Renjitkumar J. Acute cauda equina syndrome due to primary Ewing's sarcoma of the spine. Neurol India 2011;59:931-3
  • Krishnakumar R,Renjitkumar J:Postpartum Tuberculous Sacroiliitis-A case report. Amrita Medical Journal 2011;7:43-44.
  • Krishnakumar R. Comment on: Use of O-arm for spinal surgery in academic institution in India: Experience from JPN apex trauma centre.Neurol India 2011;59:795-6
  • P Devkota, SK Shrestha, R Krishnakumar and J Renjith Kumar: Posterior lumbar interbody fusion for the management of spondylolisthesis, Nepal Medical College Journal 2011 Mar;13(1):46-9.
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  • Krishnakumar R : Soft Tissue Recurrence Of Giant Cell Tumour J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(4)e3

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