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Spine Surgery from Medical Trust Hospital

Having the experience over five decades of dedicated healing, Medical Trust hospital going beyond with the strong support and precious service from Best spine surgeons in Cochin.  

Discussion on Spine surgery is always a serious topic in the aspect of medical science mainly because many questions will arise such as is surgery required or can we treat the problem through any non-surgical methods? , for which method of surgery the patient should go for If surgery is required, is it better to have traditional spine surgery or minimally invasive spine surgery? many people still have confusion on the differences between traditional and minimally invasive spine surgery or are not sure which surgery is best for their particular situation. The perfect solution for all your questions will end up in Medical Trust Hospital where you can meet best Spine Surgeons in Cochin.

If a person experiences lower back pain or neck pain, that person will be in the state of observation for a while and the doctors here will encourage them to involve inconsistent physical activities and  see the problem is resolved. If the problem is not resolved with physical activity, the treatment will start such as pain treatment and anti-inflammatory medications.

The vast majority of patients with spinal problems can be treated conservatively and non-surgically. We recommend that all patients try physiotherapy, home exercises, medications and, often, spinal injections before considering surgery and you can approach this method with confidence because you are in the hands of best Spine Surgeons in Cochin

After the complete diagnosis the doctors will come to a conclusion that to help a patient who is suffering from problems with his spinal cord, has a significant weakness in an arm, leg or limb, or if he has tried all conservative treatments and has not been successful, problems persist even after the physical activities and proper medications, surgery is the only option. 

Traditional open spine surgery involves full exposure of the anatomy. Whereas in invasive spine surgery we see much less of the anatomy means an easier recovery for the patient. Also, we often use additional data, such as CT scans, final navigations, and 3D images to achieve the same end result as traditional/open surgery. The spine surgery center at the Medical Trust Hospital carried by a team of best Spine Surgeons in Cochin has the ability to handle every spine problem, from the simplest to the extremely complex, all within the same health system. This department established to provide therapies and treatments for patients with spinal deformities and injuries.

The spine center incorporates surgeons specialists in the spine, who mastered in using the latest medical equipment for diagnosis and treatment. We use the most modern implant, such as the pediatric screw system, spinal fixation systems, cages between bodies, spacers, plate, screws, etc. Our spine center also performs all neuro spinal procedures and treatments.

Our prime motive is to help patients by giving them expert surgical opinions, and when surgery is not needed, we help them navigate the other appropriate options by connecting them to other spine care centers for their unique problem. 

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