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Things to keep in mind before having a heart transplant

Heart is considered as the only organ in the human body that works throughout the life cycle of the human. It is said that 2,000 gallons of blood is being pumped by the heart daily.  Chances for heart to fail is high due to its restless work. And, Heart transplantation is a process in which we replace heart when its performance get slower. Heart transplantation is performed at the situation where medications and minor surgeries find not effective at all after trying it out. Various steps need to be practiced and checked while preparing for a heart transplantation. After successfully carrying out the heart transplant, proper care should be carried out. In this blog, we will be trying to share few information on heart transplantation and along with it we’ll introduce the No.1 heart transplant center in Kochi offering the best heart transplants in Kochi.

Without any due, let’s start.

Any sort of surgeries done on human heart, creates a lot of complications in our minds. And since it’s for heart most of us take it very seriously & are afraid thinking about the complications. So, it’s always better that a person before the heart transplant should be given a detailed study so that he/she remains stress free.

The pre-surgery care is very important for them. The doctor who is going to perform the surgery should possess a clear cut idea about the physical as well as mental status of the patient.

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Now let’s check out the steps to be carried out before having a heart transplant.

As said in the beginning, heart transplant is carried out for the people who face end-stage heart failure. Proper evaluation must be carried out by the doctor, so as to make sure that the result we receive after the surgery is of high percent. Several tests need to be done including


Blood tests :

Blood DNA tests are carried out for finding the genetic aspects. This test replaces the expensive biopsies done for the purpose of identifying the organ rejection by the recipient’s body.

Imaging studies :

Various imaging studies should be carried out before conducting a heart transplantation. One of the methods for monitoring acute rejection is endomyocardial biopsy.

Heart catheterization :

It is a procedure that is used to diagnose the cardiovascular condition of the patient. It examines the condition of the heart.


Find a healthy donor and examine the blood group and health status of the donor.

In the above discussion, we held various information on the care to be given to the heart patients who are subjected to heart transplant. For the people searching for the best heart transplant in Kochi, we have good news for you. We at Medical Trust Hospital offers the top treatment facilities for heart related problems. We deliver the best in class solutions for cardio illness in the town.

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