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Things you need to know about Sports Injury

Regardless of the season, sports injuries are considered as one of the all-time occurring health problems. They are caused while practicing some sort of sports or can happen during exercise activity. Sports injuries are generally seen in children and in adults. Let’s check out the problems with sports injuries and how can we effectively cure it with the help of physiotherapy. By the end of this discussion, we’ll let you know the best physiotherapy centre in Kochi.

Firstly, let’s know what all are the various types of sports injury

Knee Injuries

The knee is one of the major joints in the human body. Therefore, the chances of getting injured with your knee increases. Knee injuries may even lead to swelling or tear in the muscle and muscle fibers.


Sprains generally happen with ligaments. Even a slight scratch in the ligaments make large injury. They may result in severe pain and even non-functioning of the joints.


Injuries that have formed on falling to a large surface. The wound thus formed appears to be very deep.

Ligament Injuries

Ligament injuries are very common among athletes. This can occur at any time that too at any joint. Both the knee and the ankle are very sophisticated. Overstretching of these ligaments lead to wear and tear.


Generally, the overstretching of the muscle fibers causes strain. People get confused with sprains and strains. Let’s know the difference between them.

A sprain occurs due to the overstretching or tearing of ligaments. Whereas, overstretching or tearing of muscles or tendons causes strain.


They are fluid-filled nodules that are generally visible within the upper layers of the skin. Particularly seen on the hands.

Overtraining Syndrome

Normally seen among athletes and sportspersons who undergoes overtraining. Excessive training leads to serious issues for the body.

Tennis Elbow

Also known as Lateral Epicondylitis. It is one of the sports injuries that involve the extensor muscles of the forearm.

65% of sports injuries require physiotherapy to recover. If the medication you give doesn’t heal your injury even after two weeks, it is suggested to book an appointment with a doctor.

Tips to avoid Sports Injury

  • Carry out the training as per the instructions of your coach/guide
  • Avoid overdoing
  • Give proper rest to your body
  • Follow proper techniques
  • Use the perfect types of equipment

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