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Rule out Depression before it rules you!

Most of the people living around us are affected by the condition called Depression. We find it quite difficult to find out those who are suffering from depression because those people generally behave normally outside. 

By the time we figure out the condition of the person, the situation might have got even worse. Each year, one among four people face any sort of mental health issues. In this busy scheduled life, it is equally important to give proper care and concern as well to our mental health. 

Firstly, keep in your mind that mental illness is not at all your fault. Even though the reason behind mental illness has not yet figured out clearly, researches show that it can be either due to inheritance, workspace issue, lifestyle and so on. But to look after your mental health is your duty. You are the one who is responsible for your health which comprises mental health as well. 

If anyone in your family has faced any kind of mental health issues, try to identify the symptoms they had those times and you can examine for yourself. There is nothing to worry about it. It’s just to have a fair knowledge of the genetic possibilities. This is not an awkward situation to assess your mental stability as mental health is something important we need to make stable throughout our lifetime.

Coming straightly to the point, that is depression, most of the people have a misconception that the only feeling related to it is sadness. Well, the fact is that along with sadness feelings like anger, stress, guilt, extreme tiredness is also included. 

Let’s find out the various ways to handle these feelings.

The 3 Golden Ways:

Figure out the exact feeling of depression:

In most of the situations, we get confused mainly with two feelings;

  • The feeling that arises as a result of the situation 
  • After the effect of the reason for the cause

          The feelings juggle among themselves and create a confusing situation within the mind of an individual. This actually leads to various serious issues. It is very important to figure out which feeling is ruling you. The best practice you can do is note down such situations in a book. While recollecting the situation you had gone through it will help to find out the exact feeling you had gone through. Therefore, things become easier. 

Consider the feeling you hold and give time

   What does that mean? This doesn’t mean to sit with your feelings the whole day and make the situation much worse. Don’t let feelings to ruin your day. All you need is to consider the change in feelings happening within you.  If you are trying to run away from such situations, then also the situation becomes much worse. 

Divert your feelings in a productive manner

It is okay to have issues on emotional feelings. What matters is how effectively you are able to express them in a productive manner. Don’t feel sorry for yourself for wasting your valuable time in the name of fluctuating feelings. Engage yourself in various tasks you love to stick on to. Also, spend time with your friends and family. Once you are surrounded by your beloved ones and like-minded folks, it creates wonders in you. Be creative. 

Above discussed are a few tips that will help you when you are facing depression. Always keep in your mind that depression is not a factor that defines you. It is just a part of us. So embrace it. We at Medical Trust Hospital helps you by giving proper guidance from the best Neurologist in Kochi. For all those who need help under such conditions, we are there to help you. 

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