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Diabetes and Insulin. So yes! This time we are discussing about Insulin. Once you hear a talk on diabetes, immediate term that pops up is Insulin. Do you have any sort of idea regarding this particular relation: Diabetes v/s Insulin. For all those who have little or no idea on the mentioned topic, this blog is for you.

By the end of the blog we’ll help you find out the best diabetic treatment in Kochi. Without any due, let’s start!

The basic question: WHAT is Insulin?

Insulin is a hormone that is generated by the islets of Langerhans in the Pancreas which is used to reduce the glucose level in the blood. It converts the glucose in the blood for energy. Lack of Insulin in the body results in Diabetes. This is why Insulin is related to Diabetes.

In Type 1 Diabetes, required Insulin is not produced by the body. Therefore, Insulin must be provided externally. There is a condition called Hyperinsulinemia where the body produces more than enough Insulin. This is associated with serious health problems including heart problems, obesity and so on.

When it comes to Type 2 Diabetes, even though pancreas generate Insulin in a slight amount, the cells won’t have enough capability to make good use of the insulin.

For those who need to take Insulin externally, Insulin pencils and Insulin pumps are available.

WHERE do we get Insulin?

In the above note, we’ve mentioned about the intake of Insulin externally. But do you know from where do we get Insulin? There are 5 types of Insulin and they are;


  • Rapid-acting insulin
  • Short-acting insulin
  • Intermediate-acting insulin
  • Long-acting insulin
  • Pre-mixed insulin


Based on how much time they require to get into action, how long their effect retain in the body and how quick they work, Insulin is classified. Depending upon the condition of the patient, types of insulin to be consumed also vary. Sometimes a single one will be enough. Else more than one type.

It is always good to have a basic knowledge regarding the common health issues. From this blog, you have gained a fair knowledge regarding Insulin and role of Insulin in Diabetes. Check out to know about Diabetes from our older blogs.

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