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Why women should consult a urologist – Medical Trust Hospital

For all the ladies out there – this blog is dedicated to you. Wondering why? Well, this time we have some knowledge sharing on the various urology issues faced by women. As per the statics, nearly 75% of urologists are men. Under such situations, a fair amount of women find difficulty in finding out a female urologist to share their doubts and problems.

Quickly let’s get started with what we have.

Some of the issues faced by female patients are as follows;


  • Unrestrained condition after pregnancy
  • Urinary Tract Infection


Unrestrained condition after pregnancy is one of the major situations through which a large percent of ladies undergoes. It can be considered as a serious issue due to many reasons such as:

Leakage while laughing, coughing, jumping, etc.

Increase in body weight

So as to avoid such miserable conditions, we have various methods that start from the diagnosis process onwards. After having a detailed study about the physical condition of the patient, our doctors create a clear picture regarding the issue. The physical evaluation alone will not be enough for such problems. The behavioral analysis also should be considered.

For example, reduce the intake of water and control the consumption of caffeine. Surgical options are also available.  Also, a small sort of exercises can be carried out to build strong pelvic floor muscles.

As soon as we hear the word urology, the term that immediately pops into our mind is UTI or Urinary Tract Infection. This has now turned out to be a common term among people nowadays. It generally shows symptoms like burning sensations while urinating, foul-smelling, pain in the lower abdomen, tiredness and slight feeling of fever.

So as to get control over such bad situations, one of the best ways is to rearrange the food plan you follow. Once you observe your food habits, nearly 80% of your health issues can be rectified. Lack of proper water consumption also leads to UTI. On average, you are requested to have 8 glasses which is approximately equal to 2 liters of water daily.

Above mentioned conditions are just a few among various conditions.

There are even more like Overactive Urinary Bladder, Pelvic floor dysfunction, Pelvic organ prolapse and so on.

Any sort of infection in such body parts results in serious illness and can be a great reason that will affect your normal lifestyle. Therefore, it is always good practice to avoid such happenings. And if in case such a situation has occurred, without any due visit your nearby urologist. For the people in and around Kochi searching for the best urologist in Kochi, we have Medical Trust Hospital for you. With years of experience in the medical, marking our own signature and creating satisfied patients, we have proven ourselves in the medical industry.

The trust we deliver will be the best you can have ever – Medical trust Hospital

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