Ever thought of a glowing skin that looks like a star?

Well, sounds fascinating right? With Medical Trust it’s possible. Medical Trust is one of the best hospitals in Thrissur having the best dermatologists in Kochi. People from all over India visit us with regards to their skin problems and asking for tips for nurturing their skin. So here are few tips from the best dermatologists in Kochi on skin nourishing.

How to take care of your skin in Summer?

During summer it’s a must that you pay close attention towards the skin. As we all know, in the summer season the skin gets tanned and as a result, the skin complexion is lost.

So how to protect your skin?

Sunscreen lotions help in giving you total care against tanning. Always make sure that you select the best products for your skin that are oil-free. Thereby you can avoid clogged pores.

Select the best vitamins that are essential for the skin.

Have you ever wondered why the people in the old times always face towards sunlight?

It’s not that they want to get tanned or something. The only reason why they are doing this is that of the fact that sunlight is the best source of vitamin D. Sunlight generates an ample amount of vitamin D in our body in just 10-15 mins.

And, Vitamin D is the best vitamin for your skin. But sunlight alone will not work you need to consume healthy diets that are rich in vitamin C, E & K.

Healthy tips to take care of your skin gently

1) Prevent the use of powerful soaps.

2) Reduce your bath time.

3) Don’t let your body dry completely at once.

We hope that you have a great time during Summer. Let’s make this summer best. Join hands with Medical Trust Hospital. We’ll offer you the world-class skin care treatment from the best dermatologist in Kochi for you in regaining your healthy skin.

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