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  • Rheumatic diseases are multi-system disorders that affect multiple organs caused by inflammation secondary to the inappropriate activation of the immune system. It is commonly associated with, swelling and pain in the joints or muscles along with the internal organ involvement. Any organ can be affected in rheumatic disease along with the involvement of any joint It is important that these conditions are diagnosed so as to salvage the affected organ arrest the progress of disease so that other organs are not affected. Timely treatment also prevents the destruction of the joints thereby preventing disability. The treatment for these conditions have greatly advanced in the last decade and an early diagnosis and treatment will yield a good prognosis and usually normal life

    As rheumatic diseases often involve multiple organs it is imperative that a team of experts lead by the rheumatologist is closely associated with the treatment of the patient. Orthopaedic and sports medicine specialists, physicians from multiple specialities such as nephrologists and pulmonologists, trained nurses, physical and occupational therapists, dietician and other allied health professionals work together to provide the best outcome for the patient at the hospital.


    We aim to provide patients with tailor made individualised treatment program to attain the best outcomes possible. The hospital has state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities and staff to provide complete medical and surgical treatment comparable to that available internationally.

    Conditions treated by the rheumatology department

     ·                                              Inflammatory arthritis


    o   Rheumatoid arthritis

    o   Psoriatic arthritis

    o   Ankylosing spondylitis and other spondyloarthritdies

    ·         Connetective tissue disorders


    o   Scleroderma

    o   Systemic lupus erythematosus

    o   Sjogrens syndrome

    ·         Vasculitis

    ·         Autoimmune coagulative disorders


    o   Antiphospholipid syndrome

    o   Anticardiolipin syndrome

    ·         Autioimmune muscle disorders


    o   Dermatomyositis

    o   Polymyositis

    o   Inclusion body myositis

    Crystal arthritis


    o   Gout

    o   Pseudo gout

    o   Other crystal arthopathies

     ·                                                  Osteoporosis


    o   Primary and secondary

    o   Post menopausal

    o   Male osteoporosis

    ·         Degenerative disorders


    o   Osteoarthritis

    o   Arthritis related to secondary medical conditions such as stroke and diabetes

    ·         Soft tissue rheumatism


    o   Bursitis and tendonitis

    o   Fibromyalgia

    ·         Regional pain syndromes


    o   Back and neck pain (Spondylitis)etc

    o   Shoulder and elbow pain

    o   Hip and knee pain

    o   Painful feet

    ·         Other auto-immune disorders


    o   Sarcoidosis

    o   Behcet’s syndrome

  • 1.    Outpatient / inpatient for assessment of all rheumatology conditions

    a.    Laboratory and radiological facilities with state of the art equipment to evaluate these conditions.

    2.   Diagnostic / therapeutic intra-articular and soft tissue injections, aspirations and Arthroscopy in sterile fully fitted operating theatre

    3.   Evaluation and management of regional pain syndromes with the expertise of a rheumatologist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, dietician with emphasis on relief and prevention of recurrence of these symptoms

    4.        Complete evaluation of Osteoporosis and treatment


  • Dr. George Kallarackal   MRCP(UK),MRCPI(DUB),CCST(MRCP),FRCP(LON)
    Consultant Rheumatologist

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