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Critical Care

  • Medical Trust Hospital is equipped with advanced Critical Care Facilities, with round-the-clock availability of trained staff and experienced specialist doctors.




    • Advanced Critical Care Facilities
    • Multi-Parameter Invasive Haemodynamic Monitoring
    • Ventilatory Support with Sophisticated Ventilators and Advanced Ventilator Modes
    • Emergency Pacing Facility
    • Catheterisation and Angiography Facility
    • Emergency CT Scan, Advanced Ultrasound and Laboratory Services
    • Doppler Studies for Vascular Work-up
    • Round-the-Clock Availability of Trained Staff and Experienced Specialist Doctors
    • Dedicated Intensive Care Areas for Neuro Sciences, Cardiology, Medical, Pulmonary, Gastrointestinal, Renal and Paediatric Departments, Burns, Neonatology and Post Surgical Patients
    • 24-hour Operating Theatre Services for all types of Surgical Procedures
    • Emergency Management of Poisoning and Snake Bite
    • Round-the-Clock Haemodialysis & Plasmapheresis Facility
    • 24-hour Blood Bank and Transfusion Facilities
    • Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation ( ECMO) forf providing both cardiac and respiratory support to patients whose heart and lungs are so severely diseased or damaged that they can no longer serve their function.
  • Dr. K. Vinodan   MD, DA
    Head- Dept of Anaesthesiology
    Dr. Jojo Kurian John   MBBS, MD(Int Med), DNB, DM, EDIC
    Consultant Intensivist
    Dr. Cuckoo Sarah Kuruvilla   MD, DNB, IDCCM
    Consultant Intensivist

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