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  • The Department of Anaesthesiology at MTH is a state-of-the-art department with all modern equipments with adequate safety devices and facilities. Our department is committed to the total peri-operative care of the patients coming to our hospital for their surgery and is engaged in clinical anaesthesia, anaesthesia research and education of anaesthesia residents and paramedical staff .The department provides a variety of patient-oriented anaesthesia services for procedures ranging from minor day surgeries to major cardiac surgeries. As Perioperative physicians we are responsible for optimizing the preoperative status, administering anaesthesia ,relieving perioperative  pain and for maintaining vital functions of the body during surgery. We also provide Critical and intensive care support to patients who are critically ill in the post-operative period or to those, who suffer from critical illness due to other medical and surgical problems or trauma.

    • Multi-Parameter Invasive and noninvasive  Monitoring
    • State-of-the-art Anaesthesia Workstations for Skillful Administration of Modern Anaesthetics for all types of Surgical Procedures
    • Ventilatory Support with Sophisticated Ventilators and Advanced Ventilator Modes  
    • An average of 50 operations are carried out daily in the 12 operation theatres, including emergencies.
    • “ Primum non nocere” being the watchword of the department we have instituted various safety measures  
    • Monitoring: Minimum anesthesia standards of monitoring for all the patients. Advanced monitoring like invasive blood pressure monitoring, central venous pressure monitoring, agent monitoring, MAC monitoring, gas analysis, peripheral nerve stimulator, etc are used according to the need.
    • Disposable consumables to minimize the risk of cross infections.   
    • Instruments for difficult intubation as flexible fiberoptic laryngoscope, Supralaryngeal airways, Gum elastic bougie and intubating LMA.        
    •  Instruments for emergency airway like Percutaneous tracheostomy 
    • All emergency  Medications available at a known location                                                                                  
  • Dr. K. Vinodan   MD, DA
    HOD, Anaesthesiology
    Dr. Aruna. P   MBBS, MD
    Consultant Anaesthetist
    Dr. Jojy Antony   MBBS, MD
    Consultant Anaestesiologist
    Dr. Joshi Jose   MD,DA
    Consultant Anaesthetist
    Dr. Jithesh   MBBS, MD
    Consultant Anaesthetist
    Dr Abin M Simons   MBBS, DA, MD
    Consultant Anaesthesiologist
    Dr. C. M. Dinesh   MBBS, MD
    Associate Consultant Anaesthetist

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