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Psychiatry & Clinical Psychology

  • The Department of Psychiatry & Clinical Psychology provides diagnostic and treatment services for all psychiatric and neuro-psychiatric disorders. The Child, Teen and Family Guidance Center aims to make a difference in the lives of children, teens and adults who are facing academic, behavioral, emotional, social difficulties, stress, depression and other neuro-psychiatric problems.

    The key focus and mission of our Child Guidance Clinic is to provide multi-disciplinary child-centered support and care through preventive, consultative and clinical service for children. Our clinic provides special care for children who have learning difficulties, eating and sleeping disorders, nail biting, thumb sucking and other social and emotional difficulties. Our Teen and Child Guidance Clinic also assist children and young students who steal, lie, physically aggressive, undisciplined, depressed, exhibit clingy behaviour, anxiety, school phobia and other disorders to develop a sound behavioral pattern helping them to meet the vast opportunities and challenges of changing world.

    Unity, caring, sharing and respect are the core of family life and problems in family life occur due to a number of reasons such as lack of respect, rivalry, stress and neuro-disorders. Our Family Guidance Center provides family-focused mental health service and works closely with you aiming the harmony of family relationship.

    • Diagnostic and Treatment Services for all Psychiatric and Neuro-Psychiatric Disorders  
    • Consultation Liaison Psychiatry
    • Child Guidance Clinic & Child Psychiatry
    • Stress Management Programmes
    • Clinic for Suicide Prevention
    • After Care of Head Injury Victims
    • Behaviour Therapy for Anxiety, Phobia, Addictions etc
    • Assessment of IQ, Personality Profile and Psycho Pathology
    • Psychotherapies & Psychiatry Treatment
    • School-Based Mental Health Programmes for Children
    • Teenage Guidance Clinic & Teenage Counseling
  • Dr. C.J. John   MD, DPM, MNAMS
    Consultant Psychiatrist
    Dr Elsie Oommen   MBBS, MD
    Consultant Psychiatrist
    Ms. Mable Davis   M.Sc, M.Phil
    Clinical Psychologist

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